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Grouting & Sealing


Great news! Better View offers professional grouting and sealing services to help reseal your wet areas, getting rid of mold and residues and giving a new look to your tiled surfaces. Our services are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries, which are the most problematic areas that can cause long-term effects and water damage if left untreated. Contact Better View today for a quote and ensure your house is protected and looking great!




When tiles and grout are sealed, the dirt that falls will fall onto the actual sealer (which is invisible) and will not be able to penetrate into the surface like it would if there was no sealer. This means that surface dirt, particles, dust, stains are swept, vacuumed and mopped off the sealed surface much easier during your regular cleaning routine. When there is no sealer on the surface, all of the above can be much harder to remove and in most cases can cause permanent damage to both tiles and grout. 

Preparation is very important! Tiles and grout must be cleaned using high quality solutions and all chemical residue must be extracted before any sealers can be applied. Attention to detail and product knowledge is vital and can have a huge impact on the end result.


Grout Cleaning


Grout is the line between your tiles, size of the gap can vary between 1 and 15mm generally, which can depend on the type and size of the tile as well as personal preference. Usually, the larger the gap - the more dirt it can trap (there are long term solutions to this – see our grout sealing and epoxy grouting sections of this website).

Grout cleaning is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks if undertaken manually. Unfortunately if the grout lines are dirty, the entire floor area will look neglected regardless of how clean your tiles are. These joints are usually much more porous than the tile itself, meaning they will attract more dirt quicker and absorb stains much deeper. It must be cleaned using correct chemical solutions, applied using specialised applicators and scrubbers and extracted under the correct pressure. Use of correct pressure is very important when it comes to grout cleaning as pressures too high can cause permanent grout damage and pressures too low may not achieve the best possible results.



Generally water penetration in the bathroom area is associated with odours and bacteria. Better View are leaking shower specialists - we test for water penetration in the bathroom area and then repair in order to stop further damage.

Water penetration can effect such things as the bearers and general woodwork of the house. In the extreme, it can be a catalyst that will lead to termite damage and other structural damage. For instance, if there is a leak, water may be draining under the house or into the ceiling of a floor underneath – and this can lead to settlement damage and structural concerns with your home. Therefore, shower recess repairs and showers sealing is vitally important, for the shower is where most of the water is! Call us today to ensure your shower is in good shape



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We understand all your tiles and grout problems and provide you with the best solutions to bring your tiles and grout back to its best condition. Contact Us now to schedule an appointment and don't hesitate to call 0431108432 or use our online enquiry form to get a free quote.






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